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Brownsville, Texas’ semi-tropical climate is recognized as one of the most delightful in the nation. The city has an average temperature of 74 degrees and an average rainfall of 25.55 inches. Summer daytime temperatures are in the 90’s, and most winters pass without a freeze. January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 63 degrees. Average relative humidity is 75.25%.

The comfortable year-round climate provides for an abundance of outdoor activities with at least 234 sunny days a year. The subtropical climate permits year-round gardening and cultivation of citrus and cold-sensitive plants. Brownsville rarely has severe weather. The tidal change in water elevation between cycles in the Brownsville area generally ranges from 0.1 feet to 2.7 feet.

Latitude: 25* 54′ 23″N
Longitude: 97* 25′ 32″
Elevation: 19′
Time Zone: Central

Brownsville Climate 2012

MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowMeanAvg. PrecipRecord HighRecord Low
Jan71°F52°F62°F1.27 in.93°F (1971)18°F (1881)
Feb74°F55°F65°F1.12 in.94°F (1986)12°F (1899
Mar79°F60°F70°F1.23 in.106°F (1984)28°F (1901)
Apr84°F66°F75°F1.54 in.102°F (1984)37°F (1903)
May88°F72°F80°F2.64 in.102°F (1999)41°F (1895)
Jun92°F76°F84°F2.57 in.103°F (1918)56°F (1919)
Jul94°F76°F85°F2.04 in.103°F (1897)57°F (1895)
Aug95°F76°F86°F2.44 in.105°F (2012)63°F (1967)
Sep91°F73°F82°F5.92 in.105°F (2000)51°F (1909)
Oct86°F67°F77°F3.74 in.99°F (1900)35°F (1993)
Nov79°F60°F70°F1.82 in.98°F (1906)27°F (1911)
Dec72°F53°F63°F1.15 in.94°F (1977)16°F (1989)

Brownsville, TX Weather Facts

  • The average warmest month is August
  • The highest recorded temperature was 106°F in 1984
  • January is the average coolest month
  • The lowest recorded temperature was 12°F in 1899
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in September


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