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July 2016 Member Spotlight – Pink Ape Media Consulting LLC

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Company Name: Pink Ape Media Consulting LLC

Business Category: Advertising – Marketing

Date joined: October 2013

Services: Marketing and advertising consulting services to private companies, public institutions and political candidates in the Rio Grande Valley. Its expertise includes graphic design, advertising contents, video production, direct marketing, and the development of inbound marketing strategies, such as websites, social networks, email marketing or search engine optimization (SEO).

Pink Ape Media Consulting was started in 2011 with the vision of supporting local businesses and government institutions in developing promotion strategies. Although their beginning was challenging, the company has thrived over the years by educating entrepreneurs, business executives, and directors of public institutions, about new consumer habits and technologies that demand innovative ways of doing things.

“Creativity and innovation are our main principles. If anything has distinguished our company from others, it is that we do things differently, generating ideas and products that are both original and valuable to our clients,” said Rodrigo Moreno, founder and chief creative officer. “Achieving this requires a high dose of imagination, but also a constant commitment to overcome our own creations and designs.”

Pink Ape Media has a team of five full-time employees. The company joined the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce three years ago; they view their membership as an opportunity to strengthen ties of cooperation with other local businesses.

Pink Ape Media’s advice to small business owners is that any business, regardless of its size, cannot aspire to continue growing without a good marketing plan. Their industry’s biggest challenge is the misconception that marketing is only for big companies. Their objective is to show business owners and executives the possibilities available through the use of marketing tools.

Contact information:

Pink Ape Media Consulting LLC

3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd. STE B-4

Brownsville, TX

(956) 350-9540



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