Mission Statement: To represent the international commerce and trade needs of chamber members and the community.

1. Invite guest speakers to meetings that will provide important information
about international issues.
2. Formulate and recommend policy and programs to enhance flow of
commerce and security at international ports of entry.
a. FAST / TCPAT / Unique Cargo Certification

3. Redevelop and support the Bi National Chamber of Commerce Coalition.
4. Maintain liaison with consuls, Department of Homeland Security,
maquiladoras, brokers, elected and appointed officials on both sides of the
a. Continue to participate with U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Stakeholders Meetings.
b. International Trade Symposium

5. Promote Brownsville/Matamoros as an international business community
and encourage international commerce and tourism.
a. Bi-national Agreement

6. Represent Chamber on trade missions and at social functions in Mexico.
7. East Loop / CCRMA
8. Continue working with /USCBP TXDOT
9. County/CCRMA
10. CANACO/Working Agenda
11. Promoting the Port on entries/Fast