Mission Statement: To promote and assist small business through proactive innovative programs, education, networking and other resources available to facilitate growth.

1. Inform, educate and connect members through professional development
and continuing education opportunities by providing relevant seminars and
2. Create and Develop MOU for services with strategic collaborative partners.
3. Promote Small Business Counselor at Brownsville Chamber of Commerce.

4. Plan, participate and promote Business to Botana Expo 2018
5. Develop, organize and implement the Women Entrepreneurs’ Small Business Boot Camp. (20 Participants) (FY 2017-2018)
6. Participate on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Award Nomination Committee.
7. Support UTB’s School of Business- Annual Business Leader Award Breakfast.
8. Provide list of service available for new businesses
9. City Government
10. Utilize current members to help new members
11. Round Robin to showcase products/services
12. Award & Recognition for members to do businesses with other members
13. Welcome packets
14. Visit Business
15. Utilize market square and downtown