Our History
  • 1904

    In 1904 railroads made transport to and from Brownsville easier allowing the business community in Brownsville to flourish.

  • 1906

    In 1906 business men gathered in various office buildings in Downtown Brownsville before the association built its first office in 1927

  • 1921

    In 1921 efforts to construct a deep-water port at Point Isabel and the construction of Highway-77 ensued

  • 1927

    1927 the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce built its first office on Elizabeth street.

  • 1929

    In 1929 Pan American established base at the newly opened airport and became the largest employer in Brownsville for 30 years to come.

  • 1937

    In 1937 the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce began operating as a non-profit. The Chamber helped organize the first Charro Days festival.

  • 1953

    In 1953 the Fort Brown Memorial Center was opened, providing facilities for conventions.

  • 1958

    In 1958 the Chamber was requested to assist in signing-up property owners to pay for the cost of curb and gutters along the property.

  • 1975

    In 1975 Joe Coulter, the Chamber’s then President, worked to see that Brownsville has an adequate supply of water and established the Southmost Regional Water Authority.

  • 1985

    In 1985 Leadership Brownsville, the Brownsville Economic Development Council, and the Brownsville Convention and Visitors Bureau were established by the Chamber.