Audio: Ramirez: 60 different industrial tenants now located at Brownsville-SPI International Airport

BY: Mario Munoz, Rio Grande Guardian

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Helen Ramirez, the new city manager for Brownsville, says there are now 60-plus industrial tenants based in and around Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport.

“I always talk about the Brownsville Airport as an economic driver, as a regional driver, but it’s a regional driver not only because it provides a service, which is air service, but also because it has everyone from Fisher Dynamics to SpaceX, to other smaller tenants, logistical companies, hangars. So it has a whole mix of different types of companies,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez gave the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service an exclusive interview following a recent event hosted by Brownsville Chamber of Commerce. Esmy Villarreal, president of the Brownsville Chamber, interviewed Ramirez at the Brownsville Events Center.

In her interview with the Guardian, Ramirez said the City of Brownsville has just finished a feasibility study for a micro grid at the airport. “So actually having a sustainable energy source there is also important because it’s very advanced in its technology.”

And, as reported previously, Brownsville is also aiming to secure spaceport designation for its airport.

“That (spaceport designation) is something that we really need in the nation and the state of Texas. So we’re really excited about our airport and actually growing a lot of the companies that are there.”

Asked if there is room for any more tenants at the airport, Ramirez said: “Absolutely. We’re actually looking at our next spec building for industrial development. And you know, we do have a large acreage, from eight acres to two acres to 30 acres of land within the airport protection zone and outside. So, it’s really exciting to see that people, depending on the company, can locate within or outside the airport property lines.”

In the audio interview, Ramirez also spoke about development of a new industrial park, workforce training, the importance of Texas Southmost College, and eliminating the digital divide.


Ramirez: Sixty different companies now located at Brownsville-SPI International Airport

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